Rabbit Rabbit: A Game of Superstitions

Sources and Research

At the end of December 2019, I came across an article about New Year’s superstitions from around the world and that’s how Rabbit Rabbit began. I’ve always been superstitious, wishing on stars and knocking on wood, so when I realized my love for magic and luck could be shared, I knew I had to make a game.

This is a challenging subject that I wanted to approach with care and respect. Similar myths and superstitions can be found in cultures across the world, but can vary based on region, or even between different households.

In the process of researching the superstitions in Rabbit Rabbit, I read everything I could find — from personal blog posts, books, folklore archives, YouTube videos, and personal conversations and interviews, including a Rabbit Rabbit backer from the Philippines.

Researching Rabbit Rabbit during the pandemic was an escape for me and an absolute delight. I hope you enjoy this list of some of the resources I found useful, and if you’d like to share any superstitions, myths or folklore that are dear to you, I’d be humbled and honored to hear them.

— Ami Baio

General Resources